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The Deventer fought in the battle near the Belgium Dutch coast Schooneveld. The Deventer stranded the next day and capsized; The gunports were not closed efficiently.

Engel De Ruyter (son of admiral Michiel de Rutyer) was commander on the Deventer during the battle of Solebay (7-6-1673) in the Third Anglo-Dutch War. He was wounded in the chest by a splinter. Later in 1673 he was captain of the Waesdorp in the two battles at the Schooneveld and at the Battle of Texel. His change of command was lucky, since the Deventer went out of service after an accident in the First Battle of the Schooneveld.


Type: ship of the line
Built: 1665
Owner: Adm. Amsterdam
Dimensions: 148 x 38 x 14 vt
Complement: 276
Master: Engel de Ruyter
Armament: 66


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