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stepping stones of maritime history


In March 2008, in a landed river arm of the Rhine, a small vessel was found. Although only a bottom plank and a frame were found, the well-preserved details allowed the ship to be reconstructed.

Type and form indicate a hitherto, for Roman times unknown, type of vessel. It is a punter- like boat. A punter is a small open flat bottom with lancet-shaped end.

De Meern6compleet


Type: Punter

The well-preserved lancet-shaped bottom plank (7.49 by 0.62 meters) unmistakably indicates a punter like appearance. Part of the fragment was a notch for the bow, which is the in the middle of the boat. From this data
the width of the boat can be traced to 1.05 meters. The total length is 9 meters.


The remains were salvaged.


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