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The Dageraad was a small merchant vessel sailing for the Dutch East India Company (VOC). She left the port of Wielingen on the 18th of January 1693 on her maiden voyage to the East.

The Dageraad was involved in a salvage action in St Helena's bay where another VOC vessel the Gouden Buys was stranded. When the Dageraad came near Capetown, she hit rocks on the West coast of Robben Island. 16 people on board the Dageraad lost their lives.


The Mercurius Willem van de Velde (ca. 1650).

Archaeological description

The cargo of the Dageraad consisted of 17 chests of valuables belonging to the Golden Buys, who was lost in October of 1693. The loss of the Dageraad and its contents was thus a significant loss to the Dutch East India Company.

No salvage known.


Built: yard Zeeland, Middelburg
Owner: DEIC chamber Zeeland

Drawing of a yacht from Witsen 1671.

MasterJan Tak
People on board75
Length100 feet (30.5 m)
Tonnage140 ton (70 last)



Protected in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act, No.25 of 1999. This act regards historic shipwrecks as well. The site may not be disturbed without permission of the South African Resources Agency (SAHRA) and artifacts removed from the wreck may not be traded without SAHRA's permission.


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