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stepping stones of maritime history


Former passenger ship of the KNSM that was advanced by the Royal Dutch navy in changed into a submarine tender.

The Colombia is escorted by HMS Genista and several aircraft of the RAF.
At 11h the German U-516 fires a spread of three torpedoes from a distance of 1500 meters and hits the Colombia just before the bridge in hold no. 2. The ship is abandoned immediately with the loss of eight men and sinks after 10 minutes about 45 miles South-East of East London.

About 60 survivors in one whaleboat are picked up by an air-sea-rescue launch of the RAF. The remaining survivors are picked up by the Genista, after she has accomplished a counterattack. In the afternoon +/- 317 survivors arrive in East London.


Type: submarine tender, former passengership

Yard: Smit jr, Rotterdam
Dimensions: 139.3 m x 18.75 m x 8.10 m
Tonnage: 14600 brt

Propulsion: Two 4 stroke single acting Werkspoor engines, 8000 ipk/apk
Propellers 2
Speed 15.5 kts

Complement: 273
Master : J. L. K. Hoeke

Armament: Guns 4 x 7.6 cm, 8 x 20 mm, 6 x 12.7 mm, 4 x 7.9 mm


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