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stepping stones of maritime history


When leaving New York, the Castel del Rey ran aground near New Utrecht, Bay area. Initially, a lifeboat was able to approach the ship from the coast. But the weather worsened as it creaked and blizzards prevented further rescue efforts. The ship was reached a day later. Of the 145 persons on board, 4 were still alive.

Previously 9 men had been rescued. The rest was frozen, including Captain Otto van Tuyl. From Gameren. He had to flee to New York with his young family in 1663. He stabbed someone in a café fight in Tuil. (Tuyl p. 173). The ship was probably overloaded in combination with the bad weather, which was fatal.


Type: privateer
Dimensions: ca. 80 x 19 x 12 ft
Tonnage: 60 last, 120 tns
Complement: 145 (1705)

Master: Adriaan Claver, (1704), Otto van Tuyl (1705)
Armament:  18


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