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stepping stones of maritime history


The ship was built as fishing vessel IJM-26 Caroline. After the capitulation of the Netherlands in 1940, the ship managed to divert to the United Kingdom, where it was requisitioned by the Dutch navy that same year and converted into an auxiliary minesweeper in Falmouth.
The Caroline carried out sweeping operations in British waters, where the ship ran into a magnetic mine in Milford Haven Bay on April 28, 1941.

All 15 crew members were killed in the explosion.


Type: fishing boat/ mine sweeper
Built: yard Bonn & Mees Rotterdam, 1930.
Dimensions: 39,8 x 7,0 m
Displacement: 253 ton

Machinevermogen: 500 pk
Snelheid: 12 knt
Complement: 15 
Commander: Ltz 1 B.C. Mahieu


The wreck is still partly preserved in situ. Lying next to the Dakotian. Both wrecks are used as dive location. In September 2019 Arie Slagboom performed a small ceremony for his granddad on the wrecksite.


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