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stepping stones of maritime history


The wreck known as Cap del Vol, located in the municipality of Port de la Selva, in Alt Empordà, was looted by German divers at the end of 1960s. They extracted a considerable number of amphorae which are supposed to be in the hands of private collections.

At the end of the seventies, X. Nieto and F. Foerster partially excavated the shipwreck. On those works there were documented different characteristics to join the frames to the hull. In 2011 CASC decided to restart the excavation of Cap del Vol, only excavated partially, to get knowledge about its naval architecture.


From bow to stern, planks both side. Maststep. Resine lining inside.

Length39.4 feet (12 m)
Beam13.1 feet (4 m)


Down on 13 July

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