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stepping stones of maritime history


In 2006, during dredging operations prior to the construction of a jetty, an archaeological survey discovered the remains of a Roman-era vessel. The archaeologists carried out an underwater survey that recovered almost 2,000 pieces. The discovery of the shipwreck even forced the design of the jetty to be displaced so as not to affect the wreck.

Among the 25 intact pieces that have been recovered and restored, the set of amphoras Dr. 20 stands out, with the hypothesis that it is the containers for the transport of commercial oil and grapes (wine) carried by one of the Roman-era vessels sunk in the port of Ciutadella.

Another of the objects that has been restored is a Roman lamp with the drawing of a male character that looks like a gladiator with a shield in his right hand.

Several examples of "sigillata" pottery stand out, such as a plate decorated with the initials "S.M.F.". In addition, vases, clay pots, amphora stoppers and a glass bottle, among others, have been recovered.


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