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On 13 May 1940, Bussum was bombed and badly damaged by German aircraft north of the West Hinder Lightship. The crew abandoned ship and was picked up by the French torpedo boat Bouclier. The ship was taken in tow by HMS Harrier (J 71) (LtCdr B.L. Clark, RN (retired)), later relieved by HMS Lady Brassey and arrived at London on 18 May. She was repaired and returned to service in July 1940.

At 21.05 hours on 23 Nov 1940 the Bussum in convoy SC-11 was hit in the bow by the last torpedo of U-100 about 90 miles west of Tory Island and foundered later in 55°37N/08°42W. The entire crew was rescued by HMCS Ottawa (H 60) (Cdr E.R. Mainguy, RCN).


Type: Steamer, Cargo vessel
Built: Completed 1917 - A. Vuijk & Zonen, Capelle an der Ijssel
Owner: Stoomvaart Mij Oostzee NV (Vinke & Co), Amsterdam
Dimensions: 360.00 x 48.20 x 22.80 Feet (British) Registered
Tonnage: 3,636 tons
Master: L. Wulp

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