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stepping stones of maritime history


The Dutch East India Company's fleet consisted of the ships Broeckerhaven, Slooterdijck, Wieringen, Perdam, Zeeburg, Koudekerke, Zalm and Bleiswijk.

These were all yachts, with the exception of Slooterdijck, a prefab boat, shipped from Enkhuizen and assembled in the Indies. The Dutch had anchored at Liaoluo Bay off Kinmen Island with these eight vessels and fifty junks belonging to their Chinese pirate allies flying the VOC flag. Zheng, on the other hand, had around 150 junks consisting of imperial ships, merchant ships, and his own personal vessels. Fifty of these were large junks.


Type: Yacht
Built: yard  in Enkhuizen, 1628
Eigenaar: DEIC chamber Enkhuizen
Tonnage: 50 last (100 ton)
Complement: 35-49
Kapitein: Proost, Marten Jansz.


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