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stepping stones of maritime history


The gunboats were originally designed for harbour defence and assisting minelayers. By WW II, these gunboats were outdated due to their lack of anti-aircraft armament. They were assigned to simple guard duties in the northern territorial waters of Holland. Friso and Brinio on the IJsselmeer and Gruno in the vicinity of Terschelling. They could be quite effective with their (for their size) large main battery.

The Brinio was attacked on the 14th of May by a German Stuka and badly damaged. Later she was scuttled by the crew. In October 1942 she was salvaged and dismantled.

Brinio was named after a leader of the German tribe of the Cananefaten who lived in Roman times in Holland.


Type: gunboat, Gruno class gunboat

Built: Rijkswerf Amsterdam, 16-10 - 1911
Commissioned: 1914

Dimensions: 52,66 x 8,52 x 2,75 m
Complement: originally 52, 63 (1940)

Armament: 1 x 40 mm No.2,
2 x 12.7 mm Vickers


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