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De Brielle was together with De Castor (capt. Pieter Melvill) in the port of Malaga waiting for VOC ships coming from the East Indies. On 16 May a fight broke out with two English frigates, The Flora and the Cresent in the Strait of Gibraltar (Jonge 497 ff).

De Castor was attacked by De Flora who was better armed (44). De Castor was dammaged badly and had to surrender. The Brielle was attacked by The Crescent. The fighting lasted about three hours. Then the Crescent, being dammaged badly, surrendered. Although the Crescent surrendered she was then taken in tow by the Flora and escaped. The Brielle set course for Cadiz where the 42 wounded were treated. 12 men were killed. (Jonge p.503)


Armament: 36

MasterOorthuys, Gerard
Length145 feet (44.2 m)
Width37 feet (11.3 m)
Draft15.5 feet (4.7 m)


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