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stepping stones of maritime history

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On December 22nd, 1791, the Dutch 4th rate Ship of the Line (Den) Briel, on her way to Suriname with troops to be stationed there, was wrecked in a storm off Ebber Rocks, near Falmouth.

As soon as this was known to the locals, they went down to the wreck in great numbers, armed with weapons, and plundered the ship and people of everything they could lay hold of. They even stripped the people of the cloaths off their backs. In total there were only 6 casualties, most of them drowned.


Type: Frigate, 4th rate Ship of the Line
Built: Rotterdam, 1775
Owner: Admirality Rotterdam
Dimensie: 145, 37,15,5 vt
Complement: 350
Captain: Otto Wilhem Gobius
Armament: 36


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