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stepping stones of maritime history


De Borsselen made 5 outward- bound trips before staying in Asia.*

The last voyage starts in Wielingen October 29, 1728 (Zeeland). She arrives in Batavia May 19, 1729.

On May 10, 1731, De Borsselen left Gamron in Persia for Batavia together with the Chialoep Miss Maria Lourentia. Due to heavy weather the ship got into difficulties off the Malabar coast.
The top-gallant sails were blown to pieces. Skipper Nes tried to anchor but the anchor rope broke and they lost one anchor. Also the rudder pin broke. The main and foremast went overboard.

They anchored again about 1/2 mile from shore. The ship is taking on a lot of water. It was decided to beach the ship. It is smashed to pieces in the surf in less than half an hour. 53 Europeans most hurt and four blacks reached the beach and the Portuguese fort nearby. (report skipper Nes).

I also send here a list of the people who came back alive from the ship, a total of 53, of approximately 90 DEI servants, excluding three passengers, Mr. Schorer Coopman.

Part of the cargo and part of the canons were recovered. But the local authorities confiscated everything.


Built: Middelburg Zeeland, 1715

MasterHendrik van Nes
Length144.8 Amsterdam feet (41 m)
Tonnage800 ton (400 last)


Down on 13 April

New in MaSS

Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

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