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stepping stones of maritime history


Master Jan Cornelisz Jol born in 1625 was son of the famous admiral Cornelis Cornelisz Jol who was captain and admiral of the West India Company (1627-1641). He conquered Luanda in 1641. And captured dozens of Spanish ships in Caribbean waters around Cuba and Brazil.

Before 1654 he served as his father in the WIC on De Gewapende Ruyter. The ship was seized by the British in the English Canal and brougth to the Downs in 1653.


Built: 1654 Amsterdam (Blommendael)

VOC chamber Amsterdam

Master: Jan Cornelisz Jol.

Dismantled and sold in 1666.


Down on 9 February

New in MaSS

Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

13 Provinces