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The ship Betsy en Sarah was on a homeward voyage from Batavia with a cargo of sugar, arrack and coffee and general cargo. The vessel encountered a heavy storm and drifted onto Bird Island and from there came free and drifted onto the mainland. Sadly, the captain and 18 of the crew drowned during the shipwreck.


Build: Werf De Zwarte Rave, Jan Knol, Amsterdam

Owner: firma Trakranen & Co., Amsterdam (Partenrederij)

MasterB. Blaauwpot
People on board51
Length130.7 feet (39.8 m)
Width21.9 feet (6.7 m)
Tonnage660 ton


Salvage work was undertaken by M Saunders in 1986 to 1987. The site was located by a magnetometer. A large group of approximately 13 cannons and a large anchor were found, all lying together.


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