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Wrecks of this age are rare finds and the Belitung was the only 9th century Arabic Dh0w found until today.

The Belitung has given two important archaeological discoveries: its cargo and its hull. The majority of the recovered cargo (60,000 pieces) consists of ceramics, most of which are Changsha ware.

The cargo also represents the biggest single collection of Tang Dynasty artefacts found in one location, and because of that is also called the "Tang Treasure”.


The Belitung wreck is the first Arab dhow discovered in Southeast Asian waters. The dhow is a traditional sailing vessel with one or more masts with lateen sails used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean regio.

The shipwrecked dhow was approximately 21 feet (6.4 m) wide and 58 feet (18 m) long. It is the first ancient Arabian ship to be found and excavated. Its planks were sewn together using a thin rope made of coconut fibres rather than using the more traditional methods of pegs or nails used in Arabia in later centuries.


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