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In 1778 the Beemster Welvaren sank off Indramajoe. The following data refer to the crew of the Beemster Welvaren as well as to the crews of the Compagnies Welvaren (4267), the Vrouwe Anthoinetta Koenrardina (4268), the Concordia (4269), the Bredenhof (4270), the Hoogkarspel (4271), the Zeepaard (4273), the Azië (4274), the Behemoth (4275), the Vriendschap (4277), the Kanaän (4278), the Eot (4279), the Indiaan (4280), the Overduin (4281), the Ganges (4282), the Hoorn(4283), the Vrouwe Johanna Margaretha (4284), the Jonge Lieve (4285), and the Patriot (4286): 3727 seafarers, 1230 soldiers, 227 craftsmen, and 34 passengers departed from the Republic or embarked at the Cape; 2 seafarers and 7 soldiers deserted at S. Tiago; at the Cape 310 seafarers, 239 soldiers, 25 craftsmen, and 5 passengers went ashore; during the voyage 65 seafarers, 56 soldiers, and 8 craftsmen died; 3341 seafarers, 934 soldiers, 194 craftsmen, and 29 passengers arrived at Batavia.


Type: Dutch east indiaman
Built: yard in Enkhuizen, 1770
VOC chamber of Amsterdam
Length: ft
Tonnage: 850 tons, 425 last
Complement: 186
Master: Michiel Hamelo


East Indiaman

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