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stepping stones of maritime history


The Baloeran was laid up in Rotterdam in 1940 due to the threat of war. She could not get away after the Germans invaded THe Netherlands in May. She fell into the hands of the German forces. Initially, the ship remained in Rotterdam and served as an electrical power station.

On 11 May 1941, the Baloeran was seized by the Germans and converted into a hospital ship named Strassburg, managed by HAPAG. Accommodation for 500 patients. Served as a hospital ship from 20 July 1941 to 30 May 1943.

The Baloeran hit a British acoustic mine on its way from Schiedam to Hamburg just north of IJmuiden. She was then bombarded by British aircraft, burned out and destroyed by a British motor torpedo boat. Remains of the wreck still lie 1.3 miles north of the Noorderpier in the North Sea at Ijmuiden.


From 1941 the Baloeran was called ms. Strassburg.


The Baloeran lies approximately 2 miles north of IJmuiden.


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