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stepping stones of maritime history


Completed in February 1930 as Petersfield for Woodfield Steam Shipping Co Ltd (Woods, Tylor & Brown), London. In 1933 renamed Cromarty for B.J. Sutherland & Co Ltd, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

In 1936 sold to the Netherlands and renamed Arundo.

Fatale fate
Arundo had left New York four hours earlier together with Laertes, Java Arrow and USS Lea (DD 118), but then continued independently while the other ships formed a small southbound convoy. The ships witnessed the sinking from a distance of about 5 miles and the destroyer immediately proceeded to the scene, briefly tried to locate the U-boat and then returned to convoy after picking up all survivors. Twelve hours after the sinking they were landed at Lewes, Delaware.


Built: Northumberland Shipbuilding Co (1927) Ltd, Howden-on-Tyne
Owner: N.V. Maatschappij Zeevaart, Rotterdam

MasterTroeleman, Adrianus Cornelis
People on board43
Length412.4 feet (125.7 m)
Width55.4 feet (16.9 m)
Draft28.5 feet (8.7 m)
Tonnage5163 ton


Down on 21 May

New in MaSS

Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

13 Provinces