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stepping stones of maritime history


ARNOLD was built in 1878 at the A&H Klassen shipyard in Halte and was owned by the brothers Strenge from Rhaudermoor. In November 1896 granite stones were loaded in Karlshamn (Sweden). The cargo was destined for Altona (Hamburg), but the vessel was caught in a storm. The vessel sailed close to the coastline to seek some shelter from the south-easterly winds , but hit a shoal of the Puttgarden Reef in the night of the 15th November. The crew was rescued by a fisherman.

Erhard Schulz


The granite stone blocks are still stacked as originally taken on board. All frames as well as parts of the outer planking and ceiling planking is visible, with the rudiments of a deckhouse abaft and a mast in the forecastle.

Oleksiy Konovalov

MasterU. Hagedorn
People on board4
Length65.6 feet (20 m)
Tonnage73 ton


The wreck is situated at a depth of 4 metres and thus a popular destination for recreational wreck-divers. The bottom section of the hull is fairly well preserved. Due to currents the sedimentation varies greatly from being covered by sands and gravel to being uncovered as if "brushed out".


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