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stepping stones of maritime history


The Amy wrecked in the Great Gale of 1722. During this storm, 10 vessels were destroyed, 8 of which were Dutch vessels. This was the single most deadly storm in the Cape's history, with at least 660 casualties. Reportedly, the storm inflicted £250,000 in damages.


The Amy was seized by the Dutch authorities in Saldanha Bay in 1693, upon being suspected of piracy. She was subsequently used at the Cape as a packet, before being wrecked on 17 June 1722.

She came ashore under the Cape Castle and had broken up by dawn. The crew got ashore safely, and no lives were lost.


The Amy wreck is located on what is now reclaimed land but has not yet been found.

The painting of Woodstock Beach by Thomas Baines shown here is from the early 19th century, but it shows the rough area where the Amy had wrecked.


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