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stepping stones of maritime history


Storm 10 November 1653

In September 1653, a fleet of squadrons was assembled under Vice Admiral Witte de With. This was deployed to escort home the merchant fleet that, through the war with England, did not return to the North Sea via the English Channel but through the rear (west of Ireland and between the Shetland Islands). On 21 October, 400 merchant ships (East Indies ships Oostvaarders and Noordvaerders) and the Netherlands' fleet of the With 84 were assembled at Flekkerö Norway. November 3 they arrived safely at Texel. The war fleet had to remain offshore near the coast to take in new supplies. De With was not in favor of anchoring his fleet close to the coast, exposing it to the dangers of autumn storms.And indeed on the night of November 8, a storm broke out which only calmed down November 11. Many ships lost masts and rudder. W.o. also the White's ship home from Swieten. De With reported 13 ships of war as stranded or lost, including 1 supply ship (a fluitship) and an East Indiaman.It was a major disaster. Total number of victims 1300 to 1400 deaths.

The fleet had lost at least 9 ships and most others were badly damaged


MasterKempen, Adriaan

Down on 24 April

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Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

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