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stepping stones of maritime history


Wittert was appointed as vice-admiral (on the Middelburg) an expedition of 13 ships, that set sail towards East India on 22 December 1607, under command of Admiral Pieter Willemsz Verhoeff. When Verhoeff died Wittert became admiral.

First Dutch-Spanish battle at Manila 1610

Wittert besieged Manila for five months, beginning in 1609. However, on April 24 or April 25, 1610, while supervising the unloading of junks, Wittert was surprised by at least 12 Spanish ships. His flagship, the Amsterdam, was captured after a lengthy fight, and the admiral was killed.

Two ships apparently escaped, but the Spanish killed at least 85 Dutch and took 120 or more prisoners.


Type: man of war

Owner: Bought by DEIC chamber Zeeland from the Amsterdam Old Eastindia Company 21.000 carolus guldens, 1607

Armament: 52, 4 x bronze 24 pds, 4 x bronze 18 pond, 14 x iron 9 pds, 4 x iron 3½ pond, 2 small gotelingen for the chaloupes.

12 stone morters


Down on 13 July

New in MaSS

Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

13 Provinces