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stepping stones of maritime history


The s.s. Amstelland on its way in convoy from Falmouth via the Clyde to Buenos Aires, was attacked in the Irish Sea on February 26, 1941 by enemy aircrafts. It was badly damaged but still floated. Two days later she sank.

The crew with the exception of the captain Rietbergen managed to survive in the lifeboats. The captain, who left the ship as the last man, fell into the water as he entered the boats.

The English destroyer Vanquisher, who had seen the accident, came to the rescue and was able to take the captain on board after 25 minutes. The captain could not be resuscitated and died. Captain Rietbergen's remains were buried in Liverpool on March 5, 1941.


Type: steamer, cargo vessel
Built: Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd., Wallsend on Tyne, UK,1920
Owner: Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd, Amsterdam
Dimensions: 470.10 x 61.50 x 32.10 Feet (British) Registered
Tonnage: 8156
Propulsion: 2 Steam Turbine, Power: 4500, type Metropolitan-Vickers
Speed: 13
Master: C.S. Th. Rietbergen


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