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stepping stones of maritime history


At 09.26 hours on 18 Feb 1940 the Ameland had just passed the Maasbank-buoy and was hit by a torpedo from U-10. She began to sink and the 48 crew members (3 of them injured) abandonded the ship. The master A. Kokké returned to rescue the documents and the ship sank later by the stern.
The survivors were picked up by the Dutch merchant Montferland and were transferred to the tug Zwarte Zee. The wounded men were brought to Vlissingen and the crew was put ashore in Maassluis.


MasterA. Kokké
People on board48
Length387.1 feet (118 m)
Width53.1 feet (16.2 m)
Draft25.6 feet (7.8 m)
Tonnage4536 ton


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