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On 16 March 1941 U-106 was chasing convoy SL-68, when the unescorted Almkerkcrossed the path of convoy and the U-boat. The ship was hit near the bridge by two torpedoes fired from a distance of about 500 metres at 16.36 and 16.37 hours. The ship sank by the stern within 15 minutes after the crew of 62 men and four passengers abandoned ship in two lifeboats, witnessed by the ships of convoy. The 31 occupants in the port lifeboat were picked up by the British steam merchant Martand on 18 March and landed in Liverpool on 3 April. The starboard boat with 31 crew members and the four passengers made landfall near Conakry, French Guinea. They were briefly interned by the Vichy French authorities, but then allowed to proceed in their lifeboat and arrived in Freetown on 30 March.

SL 68 lost six ships torpedoed by U-105 and U-106 in March 1941


MasterRomijn Ary
People on board66
Length460 feet (140.2 m)
Width60 feet (18.3 m)
Draft27.2 feet (8.3 m)
Tonnage6609 ton


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