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stepping stones of maritime history


Found in 1925 by local fishermen. The first investigations took place in 1950. In ten days 1100 (wine) amphora’s were retrieved from the wreck with a mechanical bucket. Only 110 stayed intact. There were no site plan or drawings made.

However primitive, this was one of the first maritime archeology investigations. It urged the new discipline of maritime archeology to develop more scientific methods (see also Grand Congloué wreck).

Between 1961-1971 archaeologist Nino Lamboglia supervises the recovery of the
remaining cargo. The site was dated to ca. 100 BC by Campanian black glazed ware indicates port of call in the Naples region.

Albenga wreck

Wine amphorae museo Navale Romano, Albenga.


Type: Roman cargo ship.
Corbita or Navis Oneraria.
Length: ca. 40 m
Capacity : 400-450 tons
Cargo : 11.000 amphora's wine from Campania.

Roman corbita.


The wreck was found in 1925 by local fishermen.

First archaeological investigated in 1950.


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