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stepping stones of maritime history


A fluyt of nearly 500 tons, bought by the company in 1672. Leaking badly, Aardenburg sank on a voyage from Buton to Ambon near the island of Wowoni, only some miles of the dutch border. In 1675 a convoy took Aardenburg into the Atlantic Ocean. Michiel de Ruyter, being the commander of the convoy, judged Aardenburg as 'such a bad sailor as I have everseen in my life, being a corruption to our voyage', and eventually decided to leave her limping behind the mainfleet with an own consort of warships.

Evidence suggest that the crew tried their best to keep the vessel afloat, but eventually left the ship when the galley had flooded. They made their way to Wowoni with the boats and from there sent to Buton for help. Everyone aboard was presumably saved.


Type: Fluyt
Yard: Middelburg
DEIC Chamber: Zeeland
Dimensions: 39 metres (128 ft) 8.8 metres (29 ft) 3.9 metres (13 ft).


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